About Vivero

Vivero is a design conscious forerunner. The Vivero spirit, the justification of Vivero's existence, arises from the original and different design which has produced functional tools and real choices for clients and architects close to 35 years.

Architect, IFI, Yrjö Wiherheimo:

“Sailing also contains some typical and characteristic features of Finnish and Scandinavian design: Aside from the eternal pursuit of the aesthetically pleasing whole, there are functionalism, structuralism, considered use of materials, economy, understanding of the greater and lesser effects of what one does, commitment to the natural environment, the great presence of life, blood, toil, tears and sweat and the satisfaction born of success. Everyone has their own way of navigating, their own way of working as a designer, their own objectives, their own guiding values, their own way of getting started, departing and getting through, their own way of arriving, finishing and reaching their destination, of getting ready for new challenges, getting started and departing again”.

The Vivero graphic program has been created by graphic designer Aimo Katajamäki.

Vivero is located in the design district of Arabia in Helsinki at most green end of Hämeentie, next to the nest of modern Finnish crafts and design, opposite the Annala Villa by the rapids of the Old town, the birthplace of the City of Helsinki.