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Design Mottowasabi

Uchiva is an all-round and flexible space divider and a splash shield to create safe personal spaces in open-plan offices, lobbies, cafés, restaurants, terraces and other public interiors. You can use the frame shelf for accessories (pens, markers, mobile phone).

The legs of the low (1200 mm) Uchiwa are made of ø32 mm steel tube (T) or alternatively ø30 mm solid wood (W). The high (1400) Uchiwa divider always on castors.

Alternative wall materials: Plexiglass, laminated (clear) glass, laminated (Vanceva colours) glass, polyester felt (1200 low Uchiwa). All glass walls tempered.

Uchiva dividers also stack on the floor to save space when not in use. Other sizes are available.


Uchiwa-1400x500/TH (steel tube legs): w 1400 x h 1200 x d 330
Uchiwa-1400x500/WH (solid wood legs): w 1400 x h 1200 x d 330
Uchiwa-1400x1300/W/C (on castors): w 1400 x h 1400 x d 380
Uchiwa-1400x500/W/CT (table version): w 1400 x h 540 x d 380