Bird 1-2

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Bird chair collection, design Yrjö Wiherheimo & Pekka Kojo 1993. ”Looks like a chicken but flies like an eagle”. A Finnish concept takes a little of the old recognized in a wooden chair to provide modern charm. It extends memories of the past into today’s environments that want to mix tradition with lasting design. The gentle sweep of the back and arms seem to suspend the chair with its openness.

The base is made of Ø 19 mm steel tube, thickness 2 mm. The seats and backs are made of form pressed laminated wood with a thickness of 9 mm. The arms of the chair are also solid wood. The padding thickness is 10 mm and the volume density is 50 kg/m3.


Bird -1 w 460 x h 775 x d 500
Bird -2 w 540 x h 775 x d 500