La Table-B1/FG

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La Table-B1/FG stool with felt seat, design Jouni Leino & Teppo Vahteristo

La Table-B1/FG is a colorful, stackable stool collection to be used INdoors (the felt glued on the seat). The height 455 mm. The legs ( 22 mm steel tube) are fastened to the corners of the seat ( 1,5 mm steel ) with screws and form a firm and steady structure. Powder coating as the standard finish. Seats are made of 1,5 mm galvanized steel and powder painted. Legs are double powder coated, with corrosion stopping first coat and then the colour powder. La Table-B1/F is available in white (Ral 9016), black (Ral 9005), yellow (Ral 1021), orange (Ral 2004) and green (Ral 6018). Felt color dark grey.

In addition to stools, La Table collection includes also tables and chairs.


h 455 x w 300 x d 300 mm.