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Jobb office chair, design Yrjö Wiherheimo & Pekka Kojo 2000. There are springy rubber components that fit between the seat and the backrest, enabling the seat to conform to the sitter´s movements when they shift their pressure points on the seat.

Jobb chairs on castors (polished aluminium or powder painted black) have gas lift and tilt.The chairs come with (/L) or without armrests. Wooden parts may be specified in birch in a natural color and alternatively stained black or white. Alternatives: Jobb-1/A (low), Jobb-2/D2 (middle high), Jobb-2/AE (middle high +height adjustable lumbar support), Jobb-2/D2N (high+ height adjustable neck support), Jobb-2/AEN (high+ height adjustable neck support + height adjustable lumbar support. The chairs come with (/L) or without armrests.


Base Ø 660

Seat height 450-570 mm

total height: 580-880 (low), 980-1100 (middle high), 1250-1370 (high)