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Jobb office chair, design Yrjö Wiherheimo & Pekka Kojo 2000. There are springy rubber components that fit between the seat and the backrest, enabling the seat to conform to the sitter's movements when they shift their pressure points on the seat.

Jobb chairs on castors (polished aluminium or powder painted black) have gas lift and tilt.The chairs come with (/L) or without armrests. Wooden parts may be specified in birch in a natural color and alternatively stained black or white. Alternatives: Jobb-1/A (low), Jobb-2/D2 (middle high), Jobb-2/AE (middle high +height adjustable lumbar support), Jobb-2/D2N (high+ height adjustable neck support), Jobb-2/AEN (high+ height adjustable neck support + height adjustable lumbar support. The chairs come with (/L) or without armrests.


Base Ø 660

Seat height 450-570 mm

Total height: 580-880 (low), 980-1100 (middle high), 1250-1370 (high)